Like the blink of an eye

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6 months have come and gone so quickly.  It's as if these past months have whipped by on fast forward, like standing in the middle of a speedway, watching only the streaks of colors from the cars careening around the bend.  I wish I had more time, but in a few weeks, the next professional program will begin and the etch-a-sketch squares will be shaken and reset for the next group.  A classmate of mine recently commented that 'we've been in this program for 6 months', to which I scoffed, thinking nothing of it.  He then said 'it's been half of a year'.  This is when it made a real impact.

Before last Friday's graduation, we worked feverishly for 2 weeks straight on the production for the ceremony.  We worked on a list of over 100 different products to produce an amazing and comprehensive spread of what we've learned to bake and make since we stepped through the doors of SFBI.  Graduation was bittersweet.  It was a great feeling of accomplishment to see exactly how far we've come as bakers and confectioners, but it tugged at my heart strings to realize I would not be sharing the same space with 11 other amazing and passionate people every weekday morning.  I've made some great friendships and had some irreplaceable experiences through the course of the program.

When I started this blog, I honestly didn't think anyone beyond my immediate friends and family would even read it.  It's been a great and humbling experience to recognize that my words and photographs have reached beyond that.  I very much appreciate everyone's support.  I know there are a few outstanding questions and comments, of which I plan to address in the next few weeks, after I have fully decompressed back to 'real life'.  Thanks to everyone who has accompanied me through the program via The Pastry School Chronicles.  It's been a great experience.



takako said...

OMG! Congratulations!! It's been already 6 month since you started? I can't believe it because it seems like as if it was only just a month ago or so when you took off to SFO. I'm so excited for you and for your exciting future! So what is your plan next? Are you planning to come back to UT to work?
But, congrats again, I can't even imagine how you must been enjoying the sense of accomplishment!! That's so big, make you feel very confident!!
O, and I still have your text book here so don't worry! love, takako

Stefan said...

Hey Rach!
I'm a baker/confectionary teacher from Stockholm that have been following your blog since the start. Very good and interesting and I really like the pictures so that i can "spy" on what schools do :)

Keep up the good work and good luck with everything!!

adriana said...

Congratulations, and thanks for sharing your wonderful experience.

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