Goodbye Breads, Hello Brioche!

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This past Friday was bittersweet.  It marked the end of our 8 week long journey through the artisan breads world as well as 8 weeks working and learning in close proximity with each other.  As much as some of us may want to contest it, our small class of 14 students has become a bit of a family.  Our first day, Michel Suas, founder of the San Francisco Baking Institute, advised that we'd become close like a family.  For love or hate, that's what we'd be.  I have to say that now, I understand just what this meant.  I feel very lucky to share my weekday mornings and afternoons with this hodgepodge of students, home bakers and career changers.  The dynamics between each of us, the instructors and the institute itself are something very special.  Along with parting ways with artisan breads, we also part ways with our instructor, Frank.  Incredibly knowledgeable, patient and kind-hearted, Frank is someone we have all grown to love and respect.  We will see him again here and there for wedding cakes and plated desserts, but for now, this rowdy bunch of aspiring  bakers and pastry chefs have moved into the pastry lab and into another realm of learning.

Friday was a flat breads free for all, as we were lucky enough to take turns baking traditional flat breads in the wood fired oven.  Nothing like baking some lavash, nann and pita in an 800 degree oven to make you break a sweat!  Caliente!

Some photographic evidence of our historical Friday:

'Zombie' David and class by the wood fired oven.

Lavash crackers.  We had freshly prepared hummus and baba ghanoush to go with for an excellent mid-morning snack.

An action shot of the assembly line of lavash makers and bakers.

Linh working her magic with the peel.

Jesse happy as a clam as the oven master.

Accoutrement for wine Friday.

Frank at the oven.

Our flat breads on display.

 Sista Rae Rae gettin' some work done.

So, it's goodbye breads and hello to brioche.  We've been working on mixing and shaping brioche this week and I plan to present some pics of these butter-laden treats soon.  In the meantime, I'll do my best to resist those evil little bastards and pass them on to whoever will take them from my sight. 



adriana said...

You're back. Cool. Are all of those flatbreads, naans, pitas, and lavash yeasted?
I've been following your postings and really enjoy. Keep them coming.

Rach said...


Yes, all of the flatbreads we baked this day were yeasted. Glad to hear you are enjoying the blog!


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