Croissants, croissants, and more croissants,

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This past week has been nice and lazy and full of super fattening food and drink.  What better time to post more pics of food!

In keeping with my theme of laziness and procrastination, I'll keep the verbose geek outs for another day and post some pics of what we had been working on before the Thanksgiving break.

Clockwise starting at front center: Pumpkin brioche tarts, pumpkin brioche, hazelnut coffee cake, apricot brioche tart with streusel topping, pannetone.

Hazelnut brioche coffee cake up close and personal.

The proper technique to apply egg wash.

Stollen, also known as 'little baby Jesus bread'.  This traditional German sweet bread is meant to mimick baby Jesus swathed in blankets.  Amazingly tasty, especially after brushing with melted butter and dredging in more sugar.  Good God.

My first attempt at a croissant.  My 'arms' were too long and flappy and my 'shoulders' were a bit plentiful for my tastes.

Inspecting my laminating technique.  Lamination is the process of layering butter and dough to create what would be familiar to the masses as a lovely, flaky croissant or danish.

Chocolate croissants.  We stuffed croissants with just about everything we could think of including the bizarre combination of chocolate and ham (which went over like a lead balloon).

Morning buns.

Pistachio, apricot and croissant coffee cakes.  Man, this was AMAZING after coming home after a few drinks.

At last, happy with my croissant shaping!!!


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I've always wanted to munch on baby Jesus.

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