A rainbow of breads

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We've got 2 weeks left of breads before we move onto Viennoisserie, also known as laminated dough (ie: Croissants, Danishes, etc...) for 4 full weeks. Before departing our fantastic instructor Frank, we will visit specialty breads, bagels, pretzels and flat breads.   I have become accustomed to waking up before the roosters crow and mixing, scaling and baking bread first thing 5 days a week.  It will admittedly be a bit strange to change direction, yet a welcome change to keep us on our toes and continue our education in the finer points of breads and pastries.

In the interest of time, this post will be more pictorial than verbose to catch you all up on my adventures in bread land.  Can I get a few cheers from the kid's section who would rather look at picture books than read a novel?

Mixing away.  Note to self: NOT a good idea to stare into the mixer early in the morning after a boozy night out.  Yeowch!

This was a fun day of really tasty breads.  From front to back: Prarie bread, Millet bread, Sesame Semolina Sourdough, Wheat Germ Baguettes.

Wheat Germ Baguettes.  I kid you not, these were the best baguettes in the class this day.  I've been really struggling with certain aspects of these little bastards, this was a glorious day indeed!

Wheat Levain Miche.  These are some BIG ASS loaves of bread, 1.5 kilos.  Check out my fancy stencling, ooh lala!

Corn bread.  This is nothing like what most people make at home, which is more like a cake preparation which is sweetened and poured into a pan.  This contains corn meal and corn flour and is fermented like a 'normal' batch of bread dough.  I like the bicycle seat-esque looking loaves and flouring, but the taste did little for me.

Ever wondered what sprouted wheat looks like before it ends up in your bread?  Wheat we started to sprout Monday in a meat grinder for Friday's breads.

Left to right: Corn bread, Wheat Levain Miche, Candied Hazelnut Bread prepared like ciabatta, Power Bread (where the sprouted wheat ended up).
Wine Friday!  And you thought I was lying...

Safa loading bread into the woodfired oven.  This bad boy needs to be brought up to temp slowly over the course of a few days before baking.

Wood fired Francese - an italian 'poor man's baguette'

Wood fired ciabatta versus oven baked ciabatta.

Today's production of German breads from front to back: Honey Rye, Rye with Sunflower, Wolfgang Rye, Black Forest Rye.  Our instructor Frank is in the background unloading one of the deck ovens.

Rye with Sunflower Seeds and Honey Rye.

Black Forest Rye and Wolfgang Rye.

Clearly I have been a busy baking bee!  More pics to come as the weeks progress.



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Absolutely beautiful stuff! I can't believe anyone can remember all of this stuff, but maybe that's just me. Stay busy!

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