OMG, looks like heaven!!! (if heaven were bread)

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After sending out some pics of some fruits of my labors, I quickly received a reply from my friend Judy, a fellow bread lover "OMG, looks like heaven!!! (if heaven were bread)"

Ladies and Gentlemen, I beleive the truth has been spoken.  And yes, heaven just so happens to be filled with bread...and booze...lots of booze...

Not sure if I'll have time for another blog post this week, as I've been working like an impoverished orphan in a dingy labor camp these last few weeks.  In addition to having little time to update during the week, I'll be attending the Treasure Island Music Festival this weekend.  Um...hell to the YES!  I shall of course be taking plenty of pics strictly for evidence as well as checking out many, many bands for reporting purposes only.  Oh, the things I do for y'all, I have such love in my heart.

So, short and sweet, here are some pics of what I've been slaving away at in the lab at school.  Keep in mind that both of the deck ovens baking all day paired with running around like cogs in a well oiled machine makes for one HOT bakery, there are days I've seen the thermometer rise above 80 degrees.  Lunch is always a welcome break at the end of each day.  It's always something tasty, followed by an equally evil dessert item or two.  On Fridays, wine makes it's appearance and let's just say that I'm never one to let good wine go to waste!  Thank God Friday is almost here.

Enjoy the pics and I'll update you all after the festival  Whew!

100% Whole Grain with a whole wheat sourdough starter.  Dense as a hockey puck and if thrown with a little spin, just as deadly.  I'm going to go ahead and use my teammate David's quote of "a digestive roto-rooter".

100% Whole Grain and 100% Whole Wheat pan bread on the cooling racks. Note: bread MUST be properly cooled, especially before tasting.  As tempting as it is to gnaw on that steaming loaf fresh out of the oven after being tortured with that oven fresh smell for the last 20-30 minutes, you are going to be letting your little tastebud army down if you taste while it's still hot.  The flavor needs to mellow out between the crust and crumb as well as allowing the starches to stabilize at room temperature to achieve a better texture.  For future reference you hot bread eaters, you are cheating yourselves!

Day of fancy-pants breads.  Crown of the valley (with sunflower meal, flax meal and flax seeds - DELICIOUS), 100% whole grain and 100% whole wheat.

Rach geeking out over loaves of 100% whole wheat pan bread.  Yeah, that just happened... The flavor and texture did absolutely nothing for me, but goddamn, that's some good looking bread!

Spelt bread.  Prepared like a ciabatta, yet more like a giant, hollow cracker.  The flavor reminds me of large, circular crackers my hippie parents used to buy when I was a kid.  Nobody in class knows what on earth I'm talking about and chalk this cracker up to a 'Utah' thing.  If you're in the market for a giant, hollow cracka, hit me up.

Clockwise right to left: Pear Buckwheat Bread (dried pears, apples and raisins soaked in wine along with toasted walnuts and pecans.  If it weren't for the pear stencil, these would NOT look like pears.  That's all I'll say for now on this matter.  Over and out...), Sourdough hand mix miche (miche is apparently french for 'big ass piece of bread'), spelt bread, raisin walnut (holy holy holy, this bread was amazing.  I sliced up a few loaves and threw them into my freezer for those cold, rainy mornings to toast up and accompany my coffee.  Yum!), olive bread (not aesthetically pleasing, but shiver me timbers, pair a slice of this with some minestrone soup and I'd be in heaven!).

Some of that red headed stepchild olive loaf up close and personal.  It's a diamond in the rough.

My 'big ass piece of bread'.  Saving the biggest and baddest for last and showing off my 'scoring 'skills!  Oh baby!


Linh said...

Rach! You cited the spelt as buckwheat. The buckwheat was in the pear bread. But I'll let that slide considering how hard we've been working. And at 9:20, I'm off to catch up on some sleep. See ya tomorrow, babe!

Rach said...

Whaaa? Impossible! I'm changing it now. Working as hard as we have been, it's a wonder I haven't mixed more breads up! xo

Judy said...

If there was a soundtrack song to this blog, what would it be? Is the Cure's Just like Heaven too obvious?

Linh said...

Well, confusion is expected, I can't keep track of bread by name anymore! I'm going to start a rating system on my formulas to keep track of my faves.

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