Where the f*** is my wallet?!

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Being uprooted and trying to find a new routine out here has really got my mind in 50 places at once. I didn't realize just how scattered I've been until I started to repeatedly lose things. Not just silly, inconsequential things like a hair tie or my flip flops, but life anchoring items like my wallet.

The first time I lost my handmade satchel which carries all things related to my identity and financial standing was at a bar in the Mission. Let's just say I ordered a martini that while watching the bartender swirl the vermouth around the glass and pour the gin into the shaker gave me a buzz before it even hit my lips. I was so quick on the draw, I didn't realize it was missing until I was at a bar down the street and went to pay. Luckily enough, my friend dashed to the other bar and retrieved it, safe and sound, all items still included.

Round 2 of my absent mindedness was when I got a bite to eat before hitting up the Exploratorium. Parking around here is not what you'd call plentiful, so I ended up parking a block or two away from a rather appealing looking bagel shop. I contemplated, ordered and went to pay. Yet again, the mysterious wallet was like a case of where's Waldo. M.I.A. My super awesome friend Pax was nice enough to buy my lunch as I had no idea where the hell my wallet was and I tried to retrace my steps while I ate. All I could think is that it was on the driver's seat as I had taken it out for some reason or another and have a bad habit of leaving things in my lap while driving. They usually end up on the seat when I get out of the car, so I wasn't too worried. After lunch, we walked back to the car and where did I find my wallet? RIGHT ON THE STREET in front of the driver's side door of my car. I stood there for a few moments, absolutely dumbfounded. How on earth had dozens of people passed by my car and NOT taken my wallet? Once again, everything was intact in my wallet, right down to the dollar bills and the 0.55 cent bart tickets. All I can say is damn, luck has been smiling on me!

As I am painfully aware, good things come in threes, so here's the last slice of the awesome pie filled with me losing my mind: Today was school orientation, I was planning to be there at 3:00 and had planned to leave with enough time that I'd show up early and be able to waste a little time in the case of me getting lost on my way to the school. I have this diary which I affectionately call 'the book of all things San Francisco' which I carry in my purse. This thing contains notes, shopping lists, directions, you name it. I had written directions to the school down in this handy little book and realized a wee bit too late that I was on the freeway, yet headed in the wrong direction. The instant narration of "Go Rachael! You have successfully followed your directions to your friend's house in Oakland, not the school!" flashed beneath me like closed captioning in a foreign film. Once I realized this, all I could think was "Are you f***ing kidding me??? ". In the end, I arrived 20 minutes late and the coordinator had waited for me to arrive before even starting the orientation with the other students. I apologized as soon as I ran through the doors and no one seemed too bothered by my tardiness.

Monday morning, let the games begin!

Here are a few random shots I've gathered while running around town, losing my wallet, sense of direction and my mind...

Random street art on Valencia:

I laughed out loud when I saw this one:

The infamous Dolores Park - where all the kids go to drink beer, BBQ and people watch:

More random street art:

Nifty alley right off of Valencia where I'm told annual block parties are held:

Those damn roommates who don't pay any rent:


Brandy Leon said...

Cute, really cute. I think there are some areas here in the SL valley that need the deuce sign. Oh well!
I am so glad that you are doing well. Joe and I have commented to each other that you are in the perfect city for you. It seems to suit you just perfectly!

Frank Barney said...

LMAFO. Oh my gosh. That is hilarious!!! I can't believe you started following the directions to Oakland. You're killing me.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The shot of Dolores Park looks like it was taken out of the living room window of the apartment I lived in 15 years ago. Lots and lots of good people watching there!

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