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My first real introduction to the Bay Area was just after getting off of the freeway in Oakland, trying to find my friend's house. Due to some percent operator error, I had clearly garbled the directions given to me and had to be directed where to drive on a street by street play over the phone. Just about as soon as we exited the freeway and began making our way through West Oakland, we saw a rather violent altercation between a man and his boo right on the street corner. Let me define 'altercation' as 'this chick getting beat the f*** down by her man in the middle of broad daylight'. This paired with my friend's direction of 'whatever you do, DON'T go over the Richmond bridge' really made me feel cushy, safe and sound. My friend and I locked our doors and drove as fast as possible away from street corner drama to the much nicer neighborhood of Grand Lake. Turns out the only thing wrong with crossing the Richmond bridge would have been paying the toll fee and getting hopelessly lost in BFE, but 'whatever you do' paired with the street beatdown, I wondered if I was going to be dismembered and disemboweled if I made one wrong step into the badlands.

Once my car packed with all of my belongings was parked and we had gotten some sleep, I was on a mission to find a room. I must have emailed 50 different people about a room and had received just about as many replies. After many showings/interviews and finally posting a craigslist ad of 'I need a room ASAP!' I ended up finding a pretty rad place in Noe Valley just on the border of the Mission district. It's a big room, quiet neighborhood and there is so much to do just around the corner. I plan to take a walkabout in the mornings before school starts to check out the 'hood as well as venture into some of the neighborhoods I've yet to see. In my pursuit of a room, I gallivanted (A.K.A. walked my ass off) around Haight, Inner Sunset, Mission and Chinatown.

Tonight's agenda: unpacking my things, going for a walkabout in pursuit of a few needed items and some much needed sleep.



Laura said...

Awesome Rach!! Glad you made it in one piece, and didn't get shot in the bad neighborhood :) I'm looking forward to the updates on your blog!

MP said...

Pics or it didn't happen.

Rach said...

Well, if you want pics of the beatdown, can't help you there. Let's say digging the camera out was the last of my worries! Haha! Pics of the 'hood to appear soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, the Richmond many adventures I've had. But BFE? Hardly. Sounds fun so far.

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