Don't drop a deuce in the barrio

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Ahh, my first week in the Bay Area has been an interesting one to say the least. Seeing a man giving his boo the beat down on the street corner, searching for an apartment, acquainting myself with the city and it's transit system are just a few highlights of my last 7 days.

I moved into a very cool apartment in a very cool neighborhood 4 days ago. The more I walk around and familiarize myself with the great shops, restaurants and cafes around here, the more I fall in love with it. Everything is so close, everything is within walking distance that I could possibly need. Just now, I took a quick jaunt to the coffee shop for a latte and across the street to the neighborhood market to pick up some strawberries and figs. So far, this 'hood is everything I wanted city life to be. Eclectic, accessible, interesting.

You may be wondering what the hell dropping a deuce in the barrio is all about. Well, let me tell you! My place is right on the border of Noe Valley and Mission. Noe Valley is a bit more neighborhood-y and quiet, the description of the market on one corner with the coffee shop across the street basically sums it up. St. Paul's Catholic church is not quite 2 blocks from my place - this is the church made famous by the nuns playing basketball in Sister Act. The Mission is about 3 blocks in the other direction, this is where the real fun is. The Mission has tons of bars, taquieras, liquor stores, corner markets and people that are out and about at any given time of the day. It's a diverse neighborhood, but is known for having a dominant Latino influence and flavor. Walking down the street the other night, I happened to see the above poster in the window of a neighborhood business. Yes, the first 'don't do it' sign is someone dropping a deuce on the sidewalk. The fact that this is the FIRST in the line of 'don't do it' list kills me, let alone the fact it's on there at all. Ahh, the city.

It's been a busy week, it's flown by and it honestly feels like I've been here much longer than 7 days. Here's a photographic breakdown of where I've been and where I've ended up.

The couch on which I crashed at my friend's pad in Oakland while running around town looking for a place to stay (pardon my less than professional photographic/html skills):

Some pics of my neighborhood and the corner on which the coffee shop and market are to be found:

My friend Pax and I in a retro photo booth at a hipster retro bar, me acting like I'm 8 years old all over again at The Exploratorium and some great bathroom art on the wall of the women's restroom in another bar in the Mission (yes, I snapped a pic while staring at the bathroom wall - get over it already):

It's been an exhausting week. I've finally had the chance to sleep in for likely the last time in a good while this morning as school will be starting up a week from tomorrow. This means early mornings for the person who detests them. I predict massive amounts of caffeine pulsing through my veins, but this is nothing new. For now, I'll enjoy some good retro soul, the nice cross breeze from the adjacent windows in my room and the garden view right over my shoulder.


Pax Rasmussen said...

Fantastic! I had super fun with you this weekend, doll!

And I have, so far, refrained from blasting a dookie in the barrio.

Anonymous said...

I am sooo envious!

Go rock the school!

go_laura said...

Rach - Looks like an ideal neighborhood!! And, I must add, the squash at that market looks killer! Make some yummy soup w/ that... How far from the school are you located? Can't wait to hear the next update.

ps - that sign kills me... Serioulsy, taking a dump on the sidewalk. Oogie!

Bill said...

If that restroom art is any indication, you are in a much more advanced culture than that of SLC.

paige Beals said...

Yay Rach, the Exploratorium was my favorite spot as a kid growing up in the Bay Area. When I come visit we must go there! xoxo

Anonymous said...


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